OjO Electric LLC provider of real smart transportation

Ojo is an eco-friendly motorized scooter that aims to forever change the two-wheel personal transportation.It is a product of three year research and collaborative effort to create simple, but stable form of sustainable transportation designed for the bike lane. A heavy gauge all-welded aluminum frame provides comfort, stability and security. The sleek ergonomic design combined with durable ABS automotive grade plastic fairings provides an easily maneuverable and agile ride.

Powered by a 500 Watt gear hub motor, Ojo electric scooter can go up to 20mph, and patented gear system improves its power and hill climbing ability. Functional onboard charger with retractable cord means that you won't have to lug around a charger with you, and you will be able to power up your scooter simply by plugging it into standard wall outlet. The internal Li-Ion batteries allow for 25 mile range on a full charge.

This e-scooter incorporates smart technology and three speed modes, making it a versatile solution for your daily commute, running errands around town, or just a leisurely ride. An interactive, non-glare touch screen allows you to monitor the performance of your ride, choose speed, control lighting and sound and more.

Ojo also includes extra features for the ultimate riding experience: dual integrated waterproof bluetooth speakers, innovative voice response system, LED headlight and tail lights, a motion activated alarm, wireless key fob and a convenient (optional) rear basket. The OjO's treaded, non-slip deck and specially designed adjustable seat provide for ease of use in both sit down and stand up position.


Clean Technology. Fun Ride. Own the Bike Lane.
OJO Commuter Scooter Available in seven colors
Select Color
  • OjO Scooter Gloss White
  • OjO Scooter Matte Black
  • OjO Scooter Sky Blue
  • OjO Scooter Rose Gold
  • OjO Scooter Graphite
  • OjO Scooter Orange
  • OjO Scooter Street Art
  • Riding OjO through the city sitting down
  • Standing next to black OjO Scooter with seat and helmet hook
  • Standing next to black OjO Scooter with seat and helmet hook


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