Fleet Sales

Ford OjO Commuter Scooters in black

Fleet Sales

Customize on-premises transportation and processes with a fleet of LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles) that make it easy for employees and others to meet efficiency goals or get from point A to B on time. We can customize fleet solutions for a wide variety of needs. 

College Campuses

Provide students the option for an on-campus set of wheels that lets them get to class on time or flock to favorite hangouts around the area. The OjO Commuter Scooters are easy to secure to campus bike racks while students rest in dormitories, listen to classroom lectures or enjoy lunch in the quad, and they offer an ideal transportation solution when on-campus cars aren’t permitted.

Hotels and Resorts

Upsell guests on OjO Commuter Scooter rentals or provide them as part of VIP packages. Guests can use the scooters in local bike lanes to access nearby attractions — providing extra fun during their stay and reducing their reliance on more expensive cabs. Plus, the OjO Commuter Scooters are emission free, which lets everyone keep resort paradises pristine.

Hotels and resorts can also boost process efficiencies by keeping a fleet of OjO Commuter Scooters on hand for staff use. Staff can quickly maneuver between buildings or areas on large resort properties, which makes it easier for them to attend to guests.

Commercial & Residential Properties

Add a revenue line to your residential rental property by offering for-rent OjO Commuter Scooters. Residents can use them to explore large properties, attend nearby appointments or enjoy neighboring bike lanes for leisure.

When the vehicles aren’t rented, real estate agents, property managers and others can use them to take the work out of getting to appointments or reduce walking between work order sites.

Delivery Service

Get out of the bumper-to-bumper traffic and into the bike lane for faster deliveries that cost less because you don’t need to pay for gas. The OjO Commuter Scooter is a valuable tool for restaurants and small-item delivery services that work within a 10 to 12-mile radius, as the vehicles have a 25-mile total limit between charges.

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