OjO Commuter Scooter vs. Bird: Own an e-Scooter, Don’t Rent

While we love the job that we did in producing a fantastic adult electric scooter that’s comfortable and convenient for riders, we at OjO Electric realize that there are plenty of alternatives out there. Though we truly believe that there’s not another e-scooter or similar mode of transportation out there that can match the luxurious ride our OjO scooters can provide, we realize that some of these alternatives have their own draws that make them stand out. One of these is the Bird scooter.

What Is a Bird Scooter?

Bird scooters are a popular new form of transportation in and around Los Angeles. What’s made them take off in popularity is their unique share program, which is like renting an e-scooter. Bird scooters are placed all around an area and by using a smartphone app, a person can unlock one and ride it for a small fee. When he or she is done with it, the scooter is left at the destination and then locked again using the app. At that point, anyone else can come by and use the scooter for a fee.

Why an OjO Is a Better Ride

Because Bird scooters are mass produced and left all over Los Angeles (and other cities that have gone this route) to be used by anyone, they’re not exactly known for being high-quality and luxurious rides. Just a few of the reasons why OjO adult electric scooters offer a much better experience include the following:

  • OjO adult electric scooters are much faster as Bird scooters top out at 15 mph.
  • Additionally, OjO scooters have a longer range than them.
  • OjO offers a more ergonomic and comfier ride.
  • There are onboard Bluetooth speakers on the OjO.

Why It’s Better to Own Than Rent

While our OjO scooter is undoubtedly a better ride, the reason why people choose Bird scooters is because they love the simplicity and reduced cost of renting the scooter instead of owning it. However, it’s not really as good of a deal as one would think at first glance. Much like paying the minimum on a credit card balance, it may be beneficial for the moment, but you’ll end up paying much more in the long run if you’re planning on using it for more than just the rare occasion.

The basic cost of a Bird is $1 for a ride and $0.15 for each minute you’re on it. Sounds cheap, right? Well, it adds up quickly. Let’s say you use a Bird scooter to go to work (or school) every weekday. Rounding up, there are on average, 22 weekdays per month. That’s a base cost of $22 right there that you’ll spend getting to work per month plus an additional $22 because you’ll need another ride to get back home—$44 total. And this hasn’t even factored in the money that you’ll have to spend per mile yet. Let’s say your trip is rather short and will only take about ten minutes; this will be an extra $1.50 each ride – or $3 for a daily roundtrip. Multiply that by 22 weekdays and you’ll be spending an extra $66 per month. Add it all together and it’ll all cost you a monthly total of $110! Yes, we know what you’re thinking – “ugh, math!” But the conclusion is simple to follow – you’ll be able to finance an OjO scooter for monthly payments that are as low as $45 – much lower than what you’d spend monthly on a Bird scooter!

TL;DR: It’s just not worth it to rent a scooter!

Plus, as you’ll actually own the OjO instead of renting an e-scooter, you’ll never have to worry about trying to find a Bird scooter when you’re in need. Having your very own adult electric scooter that you can rely on is a much more convenient and comfortable situation to be in.

Contact Your Providers of Adult Electric Scooters!

If you’d like to learn more about our e-scooters, we encourage you to contact us online or give us a call at (877) 557-1053. If you’re ready to take the next step though, you can buy an OjO off of our website. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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