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Experience the evolution of the scooter! The OjO is a high performance electric ride designed to own the bike lane. Smart technology, a patented ergonomic design and a unique, heavy gauge all-welded aluminum chassis combine for maximum durability, strength and stability.

Technical Specs

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Technical Specs

Performance Image
  • Performance

  • Top Speed

    20 mph (32.2 kph)
  • Range

    25 miles (40.2 km)
  • Driving Mode

    Sport Mode (High performance) Touring Mode (New rider orientation) Eco Mode (Range maximizing)

    Powerful mechanical brakes and 4PR tubeless tires
Battery Image
  • Battery

  • Battery Type

    Removable Li-Ion battery pack
  • Voltage

    48 VDC at max charge
  • Charger Input Power

    110V AC, 5 amps

    On-board patented charger with cord and plug

Motor Image
  • Motor

  • Motor Type

    Brushless HyperGear hub motor
  • Climbing Performance

    Up to grade
Motor Image
  • Structural

  • Frame

    Welded aluminum frame
  • Suspension

    Mono front shock and dual rear shocks
  • Curb Weight

    65 lbs. (29.5 kg.)
  • Carrying capacity

    300 lbs.
  • Wheelbase

    45 inches (1143 mm)
User Interface Image
  • User Interface

  • Touch screen display

    The touchscreen monitor controls speed modes, the LED headlight, and the audio system. It also provides information on trip time, mileage, and battery life along with notifications for incoming calls and riding-related data.
  • Bluetooth speakers

    Dual waterproof speakers for enhanced audio
  • Security

    Motion-activated alarm. Wireless key fob

Additional Charging Power


    On-board patented charger with cord and plug




Customer Reviews 15 item(s)

The light electric vehicle that replaces everything else
Whoa! This is it, the light electric vehicle that replaces everything else. I can't tell you how it perfect it is for a city like LA! I bought my Ojo because I injured my knee and it was literally a pain to walk or Uber because getting in and out of car to travel short distances took way too long. I also ditched my car over two years ago and travel exclusively using Uber, Lyft or public transportation. I looked at every option, from fold up scooters to a Segway. Nothing I researched had so many advantageous qualities like the Ojo. One of my favorite qualities is the Ojo is completely electric. It has a retractable cord with plug which you can plug into any outlet, Starbucks, the Gym, a friends house, etc. So yes, you don't leave a carbon footprint which is necessary for a place like LA. You can travel up to 25 miles on a full charge. Perfect for a city radius, so Teslaesque. I love, love, love riding my Ojo!

First, the craftsmanship is sturdy, the weight and shock absorption legitimize its frame. When I tested it, I trusted it. The Ojo weighs about 60 pounds. There were no rattling sounds or plastic echoes. The Ojo has three gears with a top speed of 20-25 Mph, and when you're in gear 3 it definitely jumps to reach its top speed. The thumb throttle is cake. The front and rear brakes are than enough to give you ample time to stop. Yes, it also has a horn.

Second, I'm a features (Bells and Whistles) person. My two favorite features are the USB port and the Bluetooth speakers. I purchased Roam Co-Pilot Smart Phone Mount that allows me see my phone and use it to play music through the built in BlueTooth Speakers. One of my favorite features in getting around Los Angeles is using Google Maps through the Ojo BlueTooth Speakers to navigate the city. Google Maps has a bike route option which is makes it extremely simple and safe to get to my destination. In addition to these features the screen on the Ojo has a Odometer, Speedometer, and volume meter for the BlueTooth speaker. It also has a power Fob and a motion activated alarm.

Finally, I've seen people discuss the legality of using the Ojo on the street, bike lanes, sidewalks etc. All I have to say, check your local laws. The Ojo is a new class of vehicle, I use it many times a day and I've yet to get a ticket or get questioned by the police. The people whom designed it were intuitive in keeping the top speed below the threshold of requiring you to register it with the department of motor vehicles. I use it as one would a bike, simple. I take bike lanes or sidewalks. I also take it on the Metro. Even though the Ojo has a power button and alarm I also use a cable bike lock to secure it. Oh yes, my fiancé and I ride the Ojo together to workouts, coffee, movies wherever. I stand, she sits, we play Phil Collins, everything's lovely. We never have any issues as far as being scrutinized by the police or traffic safety.

These light electric vehicles are the future, and the Ojo is at the Apex. They emit zero pollutants and are ideal over short distances. I'm assuming the radius of any major city is within 25 miles thus, there's really no place you can't travel. And even if you did, its so easy to charge. Traffic in LA is horrible and if more people used an Ojo the streets would be less congested and the air would be cleaner. What can I say, I'm a glass half full guy. I use my Ojo at least once a day and my theme music is Hits from the 80's (Danger Zone, All I Need is a Miracle, Heat of the Moment, Take on Me, etc). Make no mistake, the Ojo is legit, its redefining transportation, it's unstoppable. No serioulsy, it's unstoppable, you can just keep charging it over and over again. People, rise up! Ditch your cars! I did, I'm not going back!
Review by Chris D. / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Love my Ojo!
Love my Ojo! Well designed and a great ride, feels like a scooter Tesla should sell! ( I also have a Tesla!:) Easy to charge and bluetooth for music listening. Makes getting around town fun and easy. This is the real deal!
Review by Dan R, / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Great new all electric scooter
Great new all electric scooter!! Feels like riding a small Vespa or I stand up and carve turns like a snowboard. Bike lane cruising is a blast on this. Perfect for quick trips around town! I would recommend to a friend!
Review by MCNoma / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
I've been commuting on my Ojo Scooter this week and what a great piece of technology and engineering. Acceleration, speed and range; this thing is excellent.

I've tried several electric scooters out before and this one is definitely the best one. I even had a question submitted to their website answered only a couple of hours later. Excellent product and support; something many manufacturers are missing as of late.
Review by Martin Phipps / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Love it !!!!
The OJO scooter is awesome. Easy deliver , no assembly and easy to learn how to drive. Everybody loves the design and the little add on like phone charger, music, easy screen to navigate just make it that much more unique. Now my wife wants one ... so we are going to be a two OJO family. Love it !!!!
Review by Kate / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Imagine.16.9 miles. 1.09 hours. Total stillness of mind and of the surrounding environment. Yet all while scooting at 16 miles per hour!
Review by Josh T. / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Loving my OJO... I bought the blue one for me, black for my son, and white for my daughter-in-law to be. Here's why I LOVE my OJO: First of all I appreciated the packing... not a scratch on it and it was perfect right out of the box. Secondly, I am not in any way a tech-savvy person, but this scooter is incredibly easy to use. Charging was as simple as plugging into a regular outlet, the digital screen is clear, understandable, intuitive, and I could make things work without having to read any instructions. Even the bluetooth synced up with my music without a hitch. And, PS; I love the way the voice says, "OJO on" and "OJO off." Thirdly, and the most important feature for me; Normally, I do not have the greatest balance, and rarely feel safe on a bike. However... my OJO feels INCREDIBLY and COMPLETELY stable and balanced... on my first ride out I could stand or sit without the slightest discomfort. That was a HUGE plus for me, as I always am a little nervous in bike lanes with cars zooming by. I felt totally safe and secure on my OJO... easy to turn, comfortable, sturdy, and a solid feel, and with the 3 speeds to choose from I could go slow if I wanted or faster when I felt more confident. Incredibly easy to accelerate with the thumb switch. And the brakes aren't sticky or jumpy like some other scooters I tried... my OJO is smooth, really solid. Fourth; the convenience factor is awesome and I have so many fun ideas for my OJO; we're going on an RV trip this summer and I'm looking forward to bringing my OJO. No hassles with gas, or towing a car; it plugs in anywhere while I'm having a cup of coffee. Furthermore, we won't have to stress about exploring little beach towns or worry about parking. Sometimes a place is too far to bike to--especially when I don't want to be all sweaty when I get there (like at work or my day classes)-- and parking is always a hassle. My son and daughter in law, who live in Santa Monica will be able to take their OJOs to the beach, or shopping on Montana without hassling Uber or worrying about where to park... which is always a huge problem in the city. My next purchase is a basket for my OJO for the farmers markets... We have a big market near us and I'm tired by the end of the 2 or more hours spent walking around. I don't want to ride a bike home, and/or pay $5 for parking all the time... OJO is perfect! Needless to say, I LOVE MY OJO and it is seriously one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. Hubby's gonna buy his next week!
Review by Wallyquilt / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Classy looking, a fun ride
Ojo is a huge hit in our family. Second one purchased for wife. Both arrived in perfect condition. Classy looking, a fun ride, well designed and there is nothing else in the market that I would consider competitive. The only negative reviews I've seen are from non buyers. I get stopped everyday to ask about my Ojo. 20 MPH and a 25 mile charge is more than adequate for us to go where we need to go in style and comfort. The screen, key fob and blue tooth make the experience all that more unique and enjoyable.
Review by Romy / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Eco-friendly, Electric & Smart
This was a gift for my husbands birthday...And wow, does he ever like it for his small commute, plus it will charge for any indoor outlet. He can't take his hands off it, plus you can ride it plus you can ride in the bike lane and don't have to a....OjO Commuter Scooter for Adults - Eco-friendly, Electric & Smart - Ice Black

Review by easyhumor / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Amazing Scooters
Many years ago, I was probably one of a few early adopters of e-bikes. I bought my first Bionx e-bike and had been riding to work for almost 10 years. It eventually gave out and was put to rest a couple of years ago. Since then, I had been looking for an electric scooter that doesn't go too fast and thus allows me to ride on a bike lane. I also wanted a seat, so I can sit and rest my legs. And most importantly, it has to have enough power to climb hills and has the range to get me to work and back. Lo and behold, someone had the same idea as me, but had the guts to go out and design one.

I got my OJO about three weeks ago and I can personally attest that it is an impressive electric scooter. First of all, I live in Corona, Ca and I am about 8 miles from work. The commuting distance is not far but it has some challenging hills along the way. What I can tell you is that this scooter is a blast to ride and is very capable of handling hilly terrain. It has electronic sensors that can detect an ascending hill as soon as you're on it. It compensates for the climb by sending more power to the wheels to maintain a constant speed. Some electric scooters would slow down progressively when encountering a steep ascend, but not this scooter. Based on my three weeks of riding experience to and from work, it can definitely handle 16 miles a day with one charge and still has about 50% power to spare.

I did encounter a couple of issues that were quickly remedied by Jordan, an outstanding OJO service rep. The retractable cord cover was not closing properly and the rear shocks were a bit too soft that made every little bump noticeable. Jordan actually came to my house to personally correct both issues; he replaced the latch with a new one and installed a pair of new stiffer shocks. To be honest with you, I have never had a better customer service experience. If this is not outstanding customer service, I don't know what is.

Lastly, I don’t understand why some folks would write negative reviews without having actually riding on one of these amazing scooters. The main objective for this scooter is not to go 40 or 50 miles an hour, but to ride on a bike lane and thus stay safely away from car traffic. If you’re like me and you have been looking for a well-engineered scooter since the beginning of time, look no more.

Review by Knety / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Something I love riding
...finally, something I love riding that I can actually ride to work and around the neighborhood. It’s so fun, I can't tell you how overly satisfied I am, Im buying another one for a riding partner.
Review by Don R. / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Well built fun scooters
I bought two OjO's, one for my wife and one for myself. I was skeptical at first because we live in a neighborhood with a lot of hills, but the OjO's handle the hills easily. I am amazed by how simple and fun these things are. We ride them every weekend and just love them. I highly recommend these well built fun scooters.
Review by Amazon Customer / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
I have been trying to turn my carbon footprint into a far lesser beast
I invite you to my review of The Ojo Commuter Scooter. Granted I have no other reviews under my name. The reason being is never have I had the urge to review a product before. This one just compelled me. Hope it is helpful to those of you still on the fence.

A little background on me… I am a physically fit, late 30’s male that happens to be 12 years old at heart. Additionally I am a 17 year vet of two wheel riding and I spent 3 years riding (Street motorcycle) in the suburbs of Chicago year round. I know a few things about traffic, the elements, and idiots. I wanted (And continue to desire) to be off the roads as frequently as possible. Luckily I am also blessed with accessibility to the Illinois Prairie Path which connects my home to all of my jobs.

As of the writing of this review I now have a shiny black Ojo that I share my little one bedroom condo with. 88 miles have passed under us. 30.8 of those miles were this past Saturday. And what a beautiful day it was. I have been trying to turn my carbon footprint into a far lesser beast for the better part of a few years. My car gets a paltry 75 mpg in the summer months, but it’s my only means of cutting back on my commute. I wanted to think even smaller. Thus The Ojo.

Review by Josh T. / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Nice Machine
Nice machine !!! Came boxed like a diamond and all put together. I took it to Florida for two weeks and it was easy to park in a resort area and let me get around. Watch out for pot holes because they will jar your teeth but the scoot will be OK. The only problem I had is that the horn stopped working after only one day but I will look into it this week. It was easy to transport on the back of my SUV with a cargo carrier. Five ratchet straps and a large chain to keep people from removing it from the carrier and it was as safe as if it was in my garage. You need a cable lock to park it for any length of time to keep people honest when you park it. I'm a little wider in the bottom so it would be nice if you could order a BIGGER seat. Not everyone is the size of the people in the adds. All in all I think it was a great deal and would buy another one with No hesitation.
Review by Gregory A Locke / (Posted on 8/17/2017)
Great family experience
I ride my OJO from my home in Santa Monica to my office…to yoga class…to the beach…to the bar on Friday night. It’s a true life enhancement and I’m hoping for a little cart I can attach and put my 2 year old into and make it a family experience (:
Review by David R. / (Posted on 8/17/2017)

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